Seasonal Flower Bloom Chart

This flower availability list shows what types of flowers we grow and when they will be ready. We try our best to ensure our flowers are available but the weather plays a big factor in how fast or well the plants grow. Please contact us for a flower price list at or 314-374-4882 / 636-866-7771.

May (mid to late)peony, poppy, sweet pea

June – black-eyed susan, daisy, delphinium, mint, monarda, snapdragons, peony, yarrow

July – ageratum, ammi grace, artemisia, bachelor button, black-eyed susan, celosia,  dahlia, delphinium, gomphrena, lisianthus, mint, monarda, mountain mint, panicum, statice, sunflower, tansy, zinnia

Augustageratum, ammi grace, artemisia, bachelor button, celosia, dahlia, gomphrena, lisianthus, mint, panicum, statice, sunflower, tuberose, zinnia

Septemberartemisia, bachelor button, broom corn, celosia, cosmos, dahlia, lisianthus, mum, sedum, sunflower, tithonia, tuberose, zinnia